If you are looking for a friendly Anglo-Dutch club in Amsterdam, one that helps promote goodwill and understanding between the peoples of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, and the Netherlands, then look no further than CADS.


Founded over 40 years ago, the Commercial Anglo Dutch Society’s purpose was, and still is, to provide an informal meeting point for Dutch and English-speaking professionals, to help members improve commercial and cultural contacts between the UK and Commonwealth and The Netherlands, and to promote good practice in these fields.

CADS was established in 1972 by the British Consul-General and a number of Anglophile Dutch business people.

CADS publishes a monthly newsletter, invites members and their guests to a monthly lunch (usually with a guest speaker), organises various social events, and raises money for charity.

Join the Commercial Anglo Dutch Society

If you are a Dutch, British or Commonwealth professional, then you are eligible to apply for membership, subject to acceptance by the Society’s board of members. Click here to find out more.

Mike Waters, Chairman

Our bank account details:

Account Name:        CADS Amsterdam

IBAN: NL 77 ABNA 05 48 22 05 73

KvK 71405216

Our data privacy policy is here.

1 thought on “Welcome”

  1. When reading the Chairman’s corner, I am always impressed by the Chairman’s articulate style, in which he gets to the core of the issues in such an impartial manner. Well done Mike!

    BTW, I did see an interesting Tweet the other day, and I quote
    “For God’s sake, guys! Get Brexit done! There are a whole lot of rich Brexiters who are going to be in all sorts of trouble if we’re still in when the EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive deadline hits on 1st January.”

    I wonder if this may perhaps be a consideration in the apparent desperation to “get Brexit done” ?

    It was great seeing so many of my friends at the luncheon in September – thank you for the invitation and I hope to make it back again next year.

    Allan (Poot)

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